John was born in a small fishing/logging village called Princeton in Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland.

John’s paternal grandfather was a fisherman and also built schooners.  These are the roots for John’s love of the sea.

John received his first acoustic guitar when he was only 12 years of age.  His parents bought it for him from the Eaton’s catalogue.  John’s older cousin Alf, taught him how to play the guitar and thus began John’s passion for music.

When he was just in his teens, John began collaborating with another cousin, Rex Roberts and together they wrote and composed many songs about the sea, sailing ships and life in Newfoundland.

While he was growing up, John played with many musicians and bands in Newfoundland.  In 1992 he formed John Prince and Piece of the Rock.  They were a favourite band on the island, playing at Music Festivals and Folk Concerts.

In 1975 John moved to Ontario.  He has been married to Charlene (nee Parsons – also a family from Newfoundland).   Together, they have raised a beautiful daughter, 24 year old Rhiannon, who is studying to be a veterinarian technician.

His present band, a trio, called “End of the Road” was formed with two of his previous band members from “Piece of the Rock”, Bruce McDaniel and Don Wood.

Their strong vocal harmonies and lyrical melodies provide a memorable, musical experience, for audiences of all ages.

Check their calendar of upcoming dates and get ready for a concert filled with music, humour and flavours of the east coast, John Prince style.

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